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  • Big man with big mustache has two fistfuls of Pink Floyd CDs.
  • A guy just got #onthebus with a live pigeon in his hands. Live. Pigeon. Bare. Hands. #onthebus Now.
  • He's just talking to his friend. Talking to his friend with a LIVE PIGEON in his BARE HANDS.
  • The pigeon seems cool with all of this
  • Pigeon Master got off at a busy stop, waved his bird in everyone's face & growled. Pigeons don't growl, but folks were scared.
  • Mustache made of wrinkles. #ontheplane
  • Man looks and sounds like if @kylekinane had a Vietnam vet brother, and Vietnam was fought in Urban Outfitters. #onthetrain #nyc
  • 90's industrial goth guy wearing giant coat that looks like Big Bird if Big Bird was a black bird. #onthetrain #nyc
  • 1st train performer this trip. Kid dancing to "Black or White." Not so much "dancing" as spinning & kicking his hat wildly #onthetrain #NYC
  • Woman next to me has brought and deployed a full-sized sleeping bag. #ontheplane
  • This seat is about to come loose. It's like a porch swing.
  •  #ontheseat:

  • Thought the kid next me was eating mac & cheese, but it was corn flakes. Smelled like mac & cheese to me. #stroke
  • Is it a business man wearing a cowboy hat, or is it a cowboy hat wearing a business man?
  • Heavy Metal Lady's shirt so covered in cat hair it's hard to make out the band name.
  • Last #onthebus in SF for a while. Should I throw up on another passenger to celebrate?
  • This is a direct threat to my #onthebus tweets: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/2013/01/bart_assembly_bill_716.php … (WARNING: gross photo alert)