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 Howdy A-Holes!

(FYI, Like DeadHeads or ParrotHeads, fans of Alex Koll are called A-Holes.)

It’s been a long time since I last blasted email all over you (just over a year). I know you’ve all been sitting by your inbox, fevered and waiting for news of Koll to arrive.  And now, sweet relief.  

2013 was a very full year.  I toured the Northwest, the South, up and down the Northeast and even up to Canada for a return to The Montreal Just For Laughs festival.  I did CONAN.  I did Funny As Hell on HBO Canada.  I drove across the country, went to Magic Mountain and almost fought a bear (ok, not really, but kind of.  Never mind).  

But let’s not dwell on the past.  Let’s talk about the present…


If you haven't seen the TruTv series Impractical Jokers yet, I recommend you do. 


First: because it’s pretty damn funny with a subtly absurdist streak. 

Second: from this point in their third season on, I’m proud to say that I have been hired as a Comedy Producer for the show.  I guess they like my style of confusing people in public. Who knew crank calling Blockbuster and laying face-down on supermarket floors as a teenager would have a lucrative end result

 Check it out:


A while back now I made a little set of videos intended to be a “demo tape” for a potentially bigger web series.  That demo has crossed many desks and been shown live a few times.  However, It has yet to pop up on the interwebs. 

Well, today is your lucky day because I’m finally putting it up and showing it off.  It may still become a bigger series and it may not.  But here, warts and all, is the first of three demo episodes of “HOUSEPANTS."

More to come soon...


Back in November ‘13, I founded a new chapter of The Business here in New York with the help of comedians Kara Klenk, Jared Logan and Michelle Wolf.  I’m proud to say The Business NYC is doing it’s cousins to the West proud by continuing to pull in a great crowd and garner positive press.  Not bad for the new kid on the block.  We do it every other Tuesday at The Stand comedy club in Manhattan.  If you’re in NYC on one of those nights, stop by and see some of the top comedy talent in NYC.

The Business main site:


January marked the third anniversary of my album Wizard Hello release on Rooftop Comedy Records!  It seems only yesterday I cast my powerful comedy spell on THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  As an anniversary present to me, I have a little favor to ask you guys.  If you have the album and you enjoy it, please take a second to go to iTunes and post a glowing review.

I don’t usually ask for something like this, but there are only a few reviews on there now and, while not terrible, they are not what I’d like to see as the only representation of an album I’m proud of.  Ok, I take it back.  The reviews suck hard and I hate them.  BURY THEM!  BURY THEM!


(If you don’t have the album yet, what the hell?  Buy it:


Along with the break from sending out this newsletter, you may have noticed I’ve also slowed down reporting on my public transportation adventures.  NYC is full of plenty crazy on the move, but I’ve failed to document it as I did in SF.  Maybe it’s the lack of internet underground, or maybe the sheer amount of transit weirdness is overwhelming.  Whatever the case, it’s become a data trickle and not the data stream it once was.  Maybe the future will hold some more surveillance, but for now I’m putting #onthebus #onthebackburner

Here is the last collection of #onthebus tweets for a while.  Enjoy:




I have a pretty steady stream of shows in and around NYC, and they change constantly.  So the best way to keep up with where I’ll be is to check in on my performance calendar on  I’ll be highlighting bigger events via social media so if you don’t already, stalk me at these participating locations:

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See all you A-Holes soon!